Our Company

Our Company

Our innovative company is founded with two platforms: MTEP integrated platform and pASO gene therapy platform

i.MTEP® (multi-target enhancement platform) integrated platform

Coupled with data mining and CADD, and Chimegen’s proprietary MTEP assay platform, this integrated platform allows to efficiently discover novel targets for various indications. It is especially a powerful platform for discovering elusive connection(s) among multi-targets towards the same diseases with either additive or synergistic effect, while side-effect(s) would not be potentiated at the same time. Therefore this could increase therapeutic windows of a therapy. Also this platform has the power to integrate drug discovery and development into one process which makes the transition of a drug candidate from early stage, from design to candidate selection, to market smoothly, and boosting the successful rate greatly. The MTEP integrated platform is the next generation of R&D process, which is evolved from current problem ridden and non-efficient R&D process. It is set to be further integrated with more digital elements into future of drug discovery, and is the bridge between current R&D process and the next generation R&D. This MTEP integrated platform is suitable for most of indications and modalities.

ii.pASO gene therapy platform-(A self-deliverable ASO platform)

pASO is a breakthrough technology gene therapy platform which mitigates all the major issues with current ASO approach, such as poor stability, low selectivity and especially, minimum permeability. The innovative pASO integrated with various elements that modifies the property of current ASO with enhanced stability and selectivity benefited from an anchoring effect. Most importantly, our proprietary link groups and designs make the novel pASO chimera a self-deliverable ASO and high tissue distribution, including CNS, not just limited to certain tissues and organs such as liver like the current technologies do. Although pASO is relatively large molecules, it behaves more like small molecule, from tissue/target distribution to CNS penetration, with more drug-like properties and high developability. The pASO has therefore mitigated all the major limitations of current ASO approaches and technologies, by having higher affinity/selectivity with improved stability and hugely enhanced permeability to various issues and organs, to be practically useful for various diseases and indications, not only limited to rare diseases. Currently our major focus are neurodegenerative diseases and oncology indications that difficult to treat with current known approaches.

Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Neurology and Oncology